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How Important is 97%…….?

So I have been thinking about the $15 minimum wage and the desperation exhibited by the left to demonstrate that there are no negative consequences to this recent hike.

I don’t know the real number, but just grant me that most economists, I suspect I could do a contrived academic review that would show 97% of economists believe raising the minimum wage will reduce employment for low skill workers.  In the reality category, the proposition that a substantial increase in the minimum wage will reduce employment is far more probable that anthropogenic global warming is going to cause deep harm to human well being.

Funny how the “scientifically beautified” left bleat endlessly about the 97% consensus on AGW and how only irrational deniers would dare to question the impending warming doom, even if we have a Nobel laureate questioning.  But wait the same enlightened left suddenly believe a Nobel laureate denying the effects of supply and demand on the low skill labor market is adequate to ignore the vast consensus to the contrary.  OK, OK Giaever is not a climate scientist and Krugman is an economist.  Still, it looks an awful lot like motivated reasoning from my  viewpoint.